Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snow snow GO AWAY!

i hate to be a big debbie downer but i am tired of the snow. i live in texas and i am perfefectly fine with our bipolar weather but snow comes once a year and is usually gone within a day. WELL NOT THIS YEAR! we are going on day 6 of snow and now it is just annoying. buy anyway, i do have some more super precious pictures to share. both of my children were a little TOO interested in eating the snow. it was one of those moments where i had to just let them do their thing and not freak out that they are eating stuff off of the ground (NASTY) but they were having fun! and i did make snow ice cream but somehow that seems totally different. even though it didn't sanitize it or anything.

 we do not have a very big yard and so and we wanted to take the girls to sled on a "small" hill. so we went to jeremy's mom's house because they have a little bit of land around their house and played in the snow.
 they have beautiful trails behind their house and so jeremy pulled their girls down the trails in the woods and it made some for some beautiful pictures.


  1. how PRECIOUS are your girls in the snow! (and everywhere else too, mama!) love them and their dark hair! SO ready for all the snow/cold/rain to be gone. blah. how many days 'til summer???

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