Sunday, January 9, 2011

Snowy Snowy Day

SNOW SNOW!! Hip hip hooray!! Living in Texas, we always get excited to see it snow. Until today, last year was the most snow I had ever seen (in my town of course) but today is definitely now the record (in my mind, anyway). It normally only snows once a year and it normally shuts the town down. Everyone freaks out prepares responsibly and empties out the grocery stores. Do not worry, I was definitely among the mad responsible people yesterday because as any mother of two small children knows, you can not be stuck in your house for a few days and not have the essentials: milk, diapers, snacks, and lots of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, compliments of the DVR.

I was very anxious to get the girls dressed and get their pictures taken in the snow. I felt like if I didn't get them out there QUICK the snow was going to spontaneously disappear and this moment would be forever lost. So, my pictures do not do the amount of snow we have received justice. It looks like to me (nothing official, just my eyeball measurement) about 8 inches or so.  

happy snow day!!

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