Thursday, January 6, 2011

Time Machine to Summer 2010!

All day today I have been craving summer. Summer clothes, summer activities, vacations, pools, time off from school, just the overall attitude of relaxation and ease. With that in mind I will take a time machine back....back to the summer of 2010.

This one is from the beginning of summer. The 2nd week of June 2010. We spend lots of time in our backyard playing and these TOO CUTE chairs, that came from Ace Hardware, were just too precious not to get a picture in. Emersyn is only 11 months in this picture so not really into taking pictures or noticing me at all with a camera  but its still sweet. And the next one of Avery is the sweetest and for the LONGEST time if you asked her to smile, that face is what you would get. We worked on it for a while and then I thought you know this is too cute and I should just go with what she gives me now at this sweet point in her life because there will come a time that I wish she would give me such a sweet face like this.

Emersyn, naked, in her swing, the naked thing would be pretty typical because they love to play in their little pool or in the sprinklers and its just easier to strip them down than going in and changing into swimsuits. Both my babies love love that swing.

This picture is actually from May 2010. Probably the first "swim" of the summer which is why I would have pulled out the camera (which is not something I am very good at but the blog is making me better about documenting life as it flies by). They were playing with some bubble machines that I am pretty sure were destroyed (from being drowned, if I remember correctly) in about 3 minutes. Emersyn 10 months and walking, Avery 2 years 1 month.

We went to San Antonio, with our very best friends Dustin and Sara and their sweet children, over the summer and stayed at the Hyatt Wild Oak Ranch (OMG the best best place EVER!!!) and this picture is from the side of their lazy river that also has a little man-made beach on it. It is the most kid friendly place with water slides and a huge pool that doesn't ever get too deep and the lazy river and walking trails, and marshmallow roasts, and movies under the stars, and much more. It is also really close to Sea World.  Anyway, the picture is pretty typical of us trying to get a picture together but one of the few pictures that was taken on this vacation. Avery 2 years 2months Emersyn 11 months.

Jeremy and the girls at the Riverwalk in San Antonio. Lots of fun stories from this trip but Jeremy and Dustin picking up my WHALE of a double stroller (with two children) to carry it up and down all of the stairs at the Riverwalk would be one of the funny ones. Wish I had a picture of that because the wheel to the stroller kept falling off and Sara and Dustin had their own stroller too that Sara and I were responsible for picking up with Tad in it. At the moment I am pretty sure it felt disastrous but looking back it was sooo much fun and I am hoping they want to go on an adventure with us again this summer. =)

On the way into to San Antonio there is a drive-thru zoo and this is the very beginning of it (we got out first because we stopped at it on our way into to San Antonio so the kids and adults were ready to stretch their legs and they had a few things to walk around and look at). I have always liked this picture of Avery and Tad looking some kind of animal (meer cat maybe) but I just think this is the sweetest picture of future boyfriend and girlfriends.

The very last day of summer (Sunday before we had to go back to school) we took the girls to up to the Little Missouri Falls near Albert Pike. We have lots and lots of pictures of that and it was a very special sweet day and we had a picnic and just made a fun day of it. Emersyn 13 months Avery 2 years and 4 months.

We made some natural play dough. Emersyn ate it mostly, which is why I made from all food products, but it had LOTS of salt and for whatever reason she kept eating it even though she made this awful face like it tasted horrible and then spit it out. I can not remember when I took this picture but my guess would be July because they are wearing their t-shirts from the drive-thru zoo in San Antonio.

Someone turned ONE on July 4th of 2010 but I am saving all the good pictures from this for it's own post but I really wanted to mention it.

Bathing suit day at Avery's preschool. She was totally into modeling for the camera, which was new at the time and now I can't keep her from jumping in front of the camera any time its out. and once I take her picture she then needs to look at it like she is a teenager and needs to approve every picture, DIVA in the making!!

Another one from San Antonio but this time it's Sea World (sorry about the order, I am still learning), but this was while we were watching the dolphins.

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