Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sweet Pictures and Hair

 I want to add some of my favorite pictures to the blog and as I go through my old computer and transfer over pictures onto my new computer I am going to post the memorable ones and favorites. This one above is from this Christmas (2010). We got the girls their first "car" and they love it but it was f-r-e-e-z-i-n-g Christmas morning so I had to bundle them up. Emersyn is wearing her Elmo hat (he is her favorite) per her request, other than that I was grabbing as many articles of clothing I could find to pile on them. Sweet picture of sweet sisters.

Avery and her Daddy going to check his deer feeder. What makes this picture even better (like it could get much better) is that it was caught from his deer camera that is mounted to a tree. The camera just snaps pictures as it senses movement. The date and time are right but it should say p.m. instead of a.m. What a moment!

My little baby burrito. This is Emersyn (not sure on the age but I would guess 3-4 months, I know I deserve a Mommy award for that) swaddled up laying on her Boppy Lounger in her bassinet. This picture quality is poor because it came from my phone. Both of my girls slept in a bassinet right beside my bed until they grew too big to be in it. I needed that so that when I woke up every 30 minutes to check if they were breathing, I could just roll over and look. I still wake up, probably once a night and go to check on them.

Every once and a while I blow dry Avery's hair for her. SHE LOVES IT! I  have never cut her hair and I don't really want to unless I feel like there is a reason. I want both my girls to have long hair. Emersyn's is still short and very straight so it looks no different than when it air dries, but I blow dry her's sometimes too so she doesn't feel left out.

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